Open Master Positions

Optical holography, materials science, and neutron optics

Supervisor: Martin Fally

Master projects in our group aim at designing and characterising diffractive optical elements for (very) cold neutrons. Experimental light optical holographic techniques applied to photosensitive complex media such as polymer nanocomposites are used to reach this goal. Current topics are at the interface of materials science, nonlinear light optics and neutron optics. Experiments are performed in local labs as well as at research centers in France (ILL, Grenoble) and Switzerland (PSI, Villigen). If your are interested in learning more, please contact martin.fally@univie.ac.at or juergen.klepp@univie.ac.at.

Theory and magnetic simulation of magnonic devices

Supervisor: Dieter Suess

Micromagnetic simulations coupled to molecular dynamic

Supervisor: Dieter Suess

Magnetic sensors based on GMR / TMR sensors

Supervisor: Dieter Suess

Numerical Micromagnetics

Supervisor: Claas Abert

Micromagnetic simulations form the backbone of many theoretical investigations when it comes to microscopic magnetic devices such as sensors and storage applications. The micromagnetic model is a continuous model that can be used to describe both static and dynamic magnetization processes by means of partial differential equations. Our group is developing various codes for the efficient solution of the micromagnetic equation with the finite-element and the finite-difference method. In order to allow for the simulation of larger systems and to reduce computation times, we have some very interesting master projects that focus on numerical algorithms. Candidates should have a background in programming and numerical algorithms.

Possible topics include the implementation of an FFT accelerated Strayfield algorithms for our finite-element code, the optimization of our finite-element code for parallel execution of the VSC computational cluster and the development of a combined finite-difference/finite-element method.

Magnetoelastic simulation of surface-acoustic wave devices

Supervisor: Claas Abert

Surface acoustic waves (SAW) generated by so-called interdigital transducers on piezoelectric thin-films have been extensively studied and found their way into numerous applications such as radio frequency filters and oscillators. In quite recent works, the interaction of SAWs to magnetoelastic materials were studied by placing a magnetic thin film on a piezoelectric material. This combination offers a lot of interesting technological opportunities e.g. by exploiting the non-reciprocal behaviour of certain magnetic systems. This master project aims to extend our micromagnetic simulation software to include magnetoelastic effects and use this code in order to explore new magnetic material systems subject to magnetoelastic excitations. Depending on the interests of the candidate this topic can be shifted either towards the modelling part (more programming) or towards the physics part (more simulation).

Micromagnetic simulation of novel spintronics devices

Supervisor: Claas Abert

Recently, our group was involved in the discovery of a new kind of spacer material for magnetic multilayers that allows for the noncolinear coupling of two ferromagnetic layers with a precise control on the coupling angle. In this master project, we aim to explore the possibilities to use this novel material in spintronics devices such as magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) cells, spin-torque oscillators (STOs) and sensors by means of micromagnetic simulations.

Polar domain walls in non-polar materials

Supervisor: Wilfried Schranz

Ferroelectric domain walls domain walls represent new and exciting objects in matter. In contrast to ferromagnetic systems, elastic interactions are of primary importance in ferroelectric materials, which makes a Landau-Ginzburg analysis rather cumbersome. Recently we have developed a new method by combining group theoretical layer group analysis with the symmetry properties of the order parameter. It turns out, that this method is very useful for characterizing the tensor properties of thick and thin domain walls, even for the case when in the domain wall new order parameters appear, which are not present in the bulk.

The present master projects aim to apply these group theoretical methods to selected crystals which are promising for the development of ferroelectric domain walls and calculate the corresponding equations of states, domain wall profiles, domain wall properties, etc. If you are interested, please contact wilfried.schranz@univie.ac.at.

Dynamic mechanical analysis of crystals, glasses and polymers

Supervisor: Wilfried Schranz/Viktor Soprunyuk

Our group has a long standing expertise in the study of dynamic elastic properties of materials in a broad temperature and frequency range. Materials range from ferroic crystals near structural phase transitions, to glasses and polymers. The present master project aims to investigate the dynamic elastic properties of a material, which will be selected depending on the interest of the applicant.

For more details, please contact wilfried.schranz@univie.ac.at or viktor.soprunyuk@univie.ac.at.

 Seminar "Recent advances of functional materials"

Date Speaker Title
03/08/2022 Salazar, Joshua Solving the atomic structure of CaF2 layers on top of semiconducting Si(1000) layers
03/15/2022 Helbig, Santiago Simulating energy losses of magnetic nanoparticles in viscous fluids for hyperthermia
03/22/2022 Kosogor, Anna Landau theory of ferroelastic phase transitions: Application to martensitic phase transformations
03/29/2022 TBA TBA
04/05/2022 TBA TBA
04/26/2022 TBA TBA
05/03/2022 TBA TBA
05/10/2022 TBA TBA
05/17/2022 TBA TBA
05/24/2022 TBA TBA
05/31/2022 TBA TBA
06/14/2022 TBA TBA
06/21/2022 TBA TBA



Student Title Type
E. Hadden Polymer based photonic materials for cold neutron optics PhD
M. Gattringer Micromagnetic studies of magnonic devices PhD
P. Flauger Coupling first-prinziple transport models to micromagnetics PhD
G. Wautischer Inverse Problem for Magnetic Fields PhD
H. Weitensfelder Magnetic Current Sensing PhD
P. Heistracher Highly Parallelized Atomistic and Micromagnetic Spindynamics PhD
I. Gutmann Measurement, quantification and biophysical modelling of non-Gaussian diffusion and its applicaton to translational diagnostic medicine Master
G. Satzinger Die Signifikanz physikalischer Messungen erhoben durch Smartphones verschiedener Hersteller Diplom
A. Zuleger Mikromechanik des kompakten Knochens Diplom


Student Year Title Type
C. Weselka 2021 Ferroelectric transition in the domain walls of PbTiO3 Master
S. Lahijani 2021 Diffractive Light- and Neutron-Optical Elements of Varying Thickness from Stacks of Photosensitive Foil Master
D. Wind 2020 Flüssigkristall-Mikrostrukturen für Mikrofluidische Bauelemente Diplom
C. Schuster 2020 Polar domain walls in nonpolar Strontium Titanate Master
L. Gruber 2020 Polar Domain Walls in Lead Titanate Master
M. Gattringer 2020 Field-free SOT switching via repolarization of spin accumulation Master
K. Auerbach 2019 Origin of Magnetic Noise in xMR Struktures PhD
O. Muthsam 2019 Thermal Effects in Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording PhD
M. Fleisch 2018 Liquid Crystal and SU-8 Polymer Diffraction Gratings Master
S. Puchberger 2018 Structure and properties of ferroic domain walls PhD
M. Franck 2018 Optimierung des holographisch erzeugten Raumladungsfeldes in einem photorefraktiven Lithium-Niobat-Kristall Diplom
P. Flauger 2018 Diffractive neutron optical elements from ionic liquids-polymer composites Master
A. Bachleitner-Hofmann 2018 Origin of noise and hysteresis in state of the art GMR – sensors PhD
P. Palmesi 2018 Highly parallel computation of magnetic strayfield interaction PhD
C. Huber 2018 Printing and magnetizing Magnetic Structures PhD
A. Grill 2017 Optimization of SPD processed MG based alloys for hydrogen storage PhD
P. Fodor 2017 Positioning Systems Based on Geomagnetic Distortions in Indoors Environments Master
R. Windl 2017 GMR based magnetic sensors PhD
M. Kirov 2016 Domänenmuster und deren physikalische Eigenschaften Diplom
M.-R. Puica 2016 Use of DMA for the study of glass forming liquids:relaxation dynamics and confinement effects Diplom
G Heuberger 2016 Beugung an dünnen Gittern Diplom
M Reinecker 2016 Elastic properties of polyurea PhD
S Puchberger 2016 Analysis of Crackling Noise in porous materials by strain drop measurements Master
B Gottsbachner 2015 Synthese und thermoelektrische Eigenschaften von Eisensilizid-Nanowires Diplom
A Ghaffar 2014 Confinement-Induced Structural Changes of Alkali Metals in Nanoporous Systems PhD
M Meingaßner 2014 Polymer-Nanopartikel Composites für holographische Anwendungen Diplom
V Graf 2013 Das Literarische in der Quantenmechanik - das Quantenmechanische in der Literatur. Diplom
H Schabschneider 2013 The influence of various parameters on the generation of snow crystals in an artificial cloud Diplom
S Leitner 2013 Neuartige Wärmespeicher - Innovative Thermal Energy Storage Diplom
J. Kilgus 2013 Aufbau eines Ellipsometers Diplom
Mag. M. Burock 2013 Domänen in ferroelastischen Kristallen Diplom
Mag. B. Strasser 2012 Increasing the Signal to Noise Ratio in MR Spectroscopic Imaging by Coil Combination at 7T PhD
M. Bönisch 2011 The influence of hydrogen on the stability of lattice defects in metals Diplom
A. Devishvili 2011 Magnetic properties of Gd3+ based systems PhD
G. Wiener 2010 Schulexperimente zur Einführung in die Moderne Physik Diplom
Mag. J. Koppensteiner 2010 Glass transition in nanoporous confinement Doktorat
Dipl. Phys. M. SalehiRavesh 2010 Quantitative Analyse der Lungenperfusion mittels kontrastmittelunterstützterdynamischer Magnetresonanztomographie PhD
R Zeitlhofer 2009 Der Computer im experimentellen Physikunterricht Diplom
W Resch 2009 Goethes Farbenlehre im Kontext einer Zeitgemäßen Didaktik für Schule und Erwachsenenbildung Diplom
Mag. G. Jantschy 2009 Freihandversuche ausgewählter physikalischer Themenbereiche Diplom
K Berger 2009 Empirische Untersuchung zur Wirkung einfacher visueller Repräsentationen PhD
J Aringer 2008 Holographie im Hinblick auf Anwendungen in der Kognitionsbiologie der Tauben Diplom
M. Reinecker 2007 Restoration einer ADL Kristallzuchtapparatur und Zucht von PMN Einkristallen Diplom
M. Bichler 2007 Zucht von PMN-PT Einkristallen und ausgewählte physikalische Messungen Diplom
Maga. C. Zechmann 2007 Growth and characterisation of novel photosensitive materials Doktorat
S. Allmann 2006 Neutronen-Kleinwinkelstreuung an leitenden Polyisoprene - Carbon Black Nanocomposites bei Dehnung in situ zur Untersuchung des Tenso-Resistiven Effekts Diplom
M. Stracuzzi 2006 Über Schulversuche von der Optik zur Quantenoptik Diplom
J. Koppensteiner 2006 Birch-Koeffizienten und Achsen-Zustandsgleichungen im Hochdruckbereich Diplom
W. Stranz 2005 Zucht von Edelsteinen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Diamant Diplom
R. Haschky 2005 Thermoelastische Messungen an PLZT Keramiken verschiedener Konzentrationen Diplom
Mag. R. Mazzucco 2005 Slow Photopolymerization kinetics in PMMA Doktorat
Mag. Ch. Pruner 2004 Aufbau eines Interferometers für kalte Neutronen auf der Basis von holographischen Gittern Doktorat
B. Schmidt 2003 Messung an blauen Halbleiter-Lasern Diplom
H. Dachraoui 2003 Photorefraktivität in zentrosymmetrischen Kristallen Diplom
Dr. G. Krexner 2003 Studies of Local Atomic Structures with Nuclear Methods Habilitation
M. A. Ellabban, MSc. 2002 Holographic scattering in electro-optic crystals Doktorat
Dr. M. Fally 2002 The photorefractive effect for light and neutrons. Unconventional light-induced refractive-index changes Habilitation
M. Palman 2001 Automatisierung der Doppelbrechungsmessung nach Senarmont Diplom
B. Seisl 2001 Vergleich verschiedener Zuchtmethoden bezüglich der Verteilung von Fremdatomen in KDP-verwandten Kristallen mittels Röntgentopographie Diplom
S. Koppenberger 2001 High pressure phase transformations in crystals Diplom
G. Fischer-Hummer 2000 Polarisationsmikroskopie am Strontiumtitanat, Kaliummangantrifluorid und mit Kalzium dotiertem Kaliummangantrifluorid Diplom
U. Hantsch 2000 Untersuchung mesoskopischer Strukturen am Hochtemperaturphasenübergang des NH4LiSO4 mit Hilfe physikalischer und röntgenographischer Methoden Diplom
R. Fatzi 2000 Holographische Streuung - ein Überblick Diplom
Mag. D. Havlik 2000 Low frequency phenomena near the structural and glassy transitions in C60/C70-alloys Doktorat
W. Leidinger 1999 Nematische Flüssigkristalle am Beispiel EBPA-Einführung, Eigenschaften, Anwendungen Diplom
J. Wolfsberger 1999 Two-beam interference and Holographic Scattering in LiNbO3:Fe and SBN:Ce Diplom
R. Csaszar 1999 Konstruktion einer Druckzelle für ein Lichtmikroskop zur Untersuchung von Kristallen bei Temperaturen im Bereich von flüssigem Stickstoff Diplom
Mag. A. Tröster 1999 Application of Perturbative Methods to Phase Transitions with elastic coupling Doktorat
Ch. Pruner 1998 Untersuchung lichtinduzierter Strukturen in PMMA mit holographischen Methoden und Neutronenstreuung Diplom
M. Fink 1998 Anwendung holographischer Methoden zur Charakterisierung von Nitrilotriacetaten und LiNbO3:Fe Diplom
Mag. M. Prem 1997 Die martensitischen Phasenübergänge in Co-0.85%Fe Doktorat
W. Sedlacek 1995 Positronenannihilation in Sinterwerkstoffen Diplom
Mag. M. Zimmermann 1995 Investigations of Hydrogenated and Deuterated Lithium Tetraammonium Trihydrogentetrasulphate (NH4)4LiH3(SO4)4 (ALHS) around the Ferroelastic and the "protonic" Phase Transition Doktorat
Mag. P. Dolinar 1995 Low frequency dynamics of orientational ordering transitions in single crystal fullerites Doktorat
Mag. M. Fally 1995 Einfluß von mesoskopischen Strukturen auf makroskopische Eigenschaften von Kristallen in der Nähe eines strukturellen Phasenübergangs. Domain Freezing und Heat Diffusion Central Peak Doktorat
D. Havlik 1994 Thermischer Diffusions 'Central Peak' in niederfrequenten elastischen Moduli am Beispiel KSCN Diplom
Dr. W. Schranz 1994 Static and dynamic properties of the order-disorder phase transition in KSCN and related crystals Habilitation
Th. Milavec 1993 Spezifische Wärme von (NH4)3H(SO4)2 und Rb3H(SeO4)2 Kristallen bei Beobachtung eines Domäneneffektes Diplom
P. Dolinar 1992 Optische Untersuchungen an Kristallen des Typs X3H(YO4)2 Diplom
Dr. R.A. Rupp 1992 Material characterization by holographic methods Habilitation
M. Zimmermann 1991 Aufbau, Automatisierung und Anwendung einer Apparatur zur Messung der linearen Doppelbrechung in der Nähe von Phasenübergängen Diplom