Functional materials are materials that possess particular native properties and functions of their own which includes magnetism, ferroelectricity, piezoelectricity, and storage functions. Our group investigates these materials by means of experiments, simulations and theoretical models and focuses on both fundamental research as well as applications. We aim to exploit the material properties for real life applications like magnetic sensors and neutron diffraction gratings.

Research: From microscopic symmetry properties of crystals to the improvement of industrial magnetic sensors for speed measurements in automotive applications. Learn about our interests in the research section and have a look at our list of publications.

Open positions: Interested in working in our group? Have a look at our open positions for Bachelor, Master, or PhD students.


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On March 1, Dieter Suess was appointed associate professor for functional materials at the University of Vienna.


Our recent paper on front line dynamics of ferroelastic domain walls has been selected as editors suggestion on Physical Review Materials.

Wilfried Schranz

Our new paper on heat assisted recording has been selected as featured article by the Journal of applied physics.

Olivia Muthsam

Our recent paper on contactless displacement sensors has been selected as featured article by AIP Advances.

Roman Windl

Our paper on 3D printing of polymer bounded magnets is one of the most read papers in APL 2017.

Christian Huber
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