Joint FWF project with France


The joint project "MagFunc" with Prof. Chumak and two French institutes IMTA and IPCMS is funded by FWF.

Our project, Non-Reciprocal 3D Architectures for Magnonic Functionalities, focuses specifically on the investigation of novel non-reciprocal magnon phenomena in 2D and 3D hybrid architectures at the nanoscale and contributes directly to the development of non-reciprocal microwave devices and sensors. 

In order to advance in the direction of magnonic devices, we plan to employ a complete and multidisciplinary approach encompassing finite element micromagnetic simulations combined with analytical models to find architectures with the targeted phenomena. These architectures will allow us to develop the aforementioned non-reciprocal microwave devices and sensors. These will be fabricated using state of the art nano-patterning methods in a clean room environment and will be measured via different complementary experimental techniques such as optical spectroscopy and propagating spin-wave spectroscopy at room and low temperatures.