FWF Project with Kantorovich group


Our project on the "Self-consistent simulations approach

to magnetic soft matter" (SAM) has been funded by FWF.

In the SAM project we aim at investigating the behavior of magnetic colloids in fluid and gel carriers in AC magnetic fields, by means of computer simulations, in order to, on the one hand, shed light on the fundamental interplay between the shape and type of colloidal particle acting magnetic, mechanical and hydrodynamic forces and resulting dynamic magnetic response; on the other hand, to find the most efficient magneto-controllable systems for applications in hyperthermia. These questions are forming the front edge of the modern research in magnetic soft matter, however to answer them, one needs a qualitatively new approach that will consider both particle intrinsic magnetization dynamics and their spatial diffusion/self-assembly.

SAM project brings together two experts in two different fields, to merge the field of molecular dynamics of magnetic colloids with the field of thermally activated micromagnetics. The output of this synergy will be a self-consistent solution of the Langevin equations of motion for magnetic colloids combined with magnetization dynamics of individual particles in both liquid and gel carries at finite temperature. Such an approach can be constructed due to the unique combination of expertise of the PI and the National Research Partner: coarse-grained molecular dynamic simulations of magnetic soft matter (PI) and micromagnetics (National Research Partner).