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Structural phase transitions

We study the thermodynamic and dynamic properties of complex materials undergoing structural phase transitions induced by temperature and/or pressure.

  • An ambitious combination of experimental approaches and theory is used for the investigation of cooperative phenomena. Particular emphasis is placed on the relation between micro- or nanostructures and macroscopic properties of the materials. A very important move towards a deeper understanding of phase transition phenomena resulted from the cooperations with the Computational Physics Group (C. Dellago and A. Tröster; see the results in Phys. Rev. B72, 094103 (2005)).
  • Another major topic is the phase transition and elastic behavior of natural and technological materials under conditions of extremely high hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic pressure. Here we achieved a breakthrough showing, that our recent assumption for an efficient parametrization of high-pressure elasticity (A. Tröster, W. Schranz, R. Miletich, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 55503 (2002)) works very well for a broad class of materials (J. Koppensteiner, Diploma Thesis; J. Koppensteiner, A. Tröster and W. Schranz,  Phys. Rev. B). This opens up a wide field of research.
Critical behaviour of the thermal diffusivity D in KMnF3 (Salazar et al., Phys. Rev. B 2007)

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