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Nonlinear light optics

Fundamental research on nonlinear optical materials relevant for photonics, high capacity information storage (holographic data storage), and optical data processing is performed.

The following phenomena are investigated in detail:

  • electronic properties of nonlinear materials
  • photorefractive effects in acentric and centrosymmetric crystals
  • metastable electronic and photomagnetic states
  • holographic scattering and thermal fixing
  • phase separation in holographically polymer dispersed liquid crystals

Search for and characterization of new photosensitive materials

is one of the major topics. Materials range from standard electro-optic crystals (Lithium niobate, Barium strontium niobate) via centrosymmetric crystals (Gadolinium gallium garnet, Terbium gallium garnet, Sodium nitroprusside) and doped polymers to polymer composites, such as polymer dispersed liquid crystals or nanoparticle polymer composites.

Modelling of

  • Grating formation and decay
  • Diffraction properties and comparison of various theories
  • Beam-coupling
  • Holographic scattering
Physics of Functional Materials
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