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Topics covered

Elastic diffuse neutron scattering in LiO2

Functional materials: experiments and modelling

  • effects of confined geometries
  • photonic crystals
  • nonlinear optic response of photosensitive functional materials
  • characterization of local atomic arrangements (irradiation-induced lattice defects, short-range order, nucleation, precipitates on the nano-scale)
  • structure and dynamics of disordered systems (glasses, incommensurate phases, interfaces),
  • neutron optics and interferometry utilizing functional materials
  • structural phase transitions
  • crystal growth

Techniques employed

Holographic images in PMMA

At Vienna labs:

  • optical holography
  • dielectric and acoustic spectroscopy
  • dynamic mechanical analysis
  • crystal growth
  • positron annihilation

At large scale facilities (ILL,LLB,PSI,ISIS)

  • atomic resolution neutron holography
  • diffuse and inelastic neutron scattering
  • diffraction and scattering of x–rays
  • cold neutron interferometry


Structure of Lawsonite

Functional materials

  • multiferroics
  • polymer dispersed liquid crystals
  • liquid crystal elastomers
  • polymer nanoparticle composites
  • elastomer-carbon nanocomposites

Minerals, synthetic and mixed crystals, metalhydrogen systems, alkali metals, photosensitive media


Investigation of nonlinear and dynamical properties of complex matter, such as: nanostructuring of photosensitive materials via nonlinear photonic processes, properties of strongly correlated systems at various space and time scales, microstructures and textures, highly nonlinear behaviour of minerals atextremely high pressures, phase transitions upon irradiation ("metamictisation"), neutron holography, neutron interferometry.


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