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Publications 2017

  • Puchberger S., Soprunyuk V.,Schranz W., Tröster A. and Roleder K.
    The noise of many needles: Jerky domain wall propagation in PbZrO3 and LaAlO3
    APL Materials
    2017 - 5 4 
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  • Abert C., Sepehri-Amin, H., Bruckner F., Vogler C., and Hayashi M. and Suess D.
    Fieldlike and Dampinglike Spin-Transfer Torque in Magnetic Multilayers
    Physical Review Applied
    2017 - 7 5 054007
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  • Arora, M. and Huebner, R. and Suess, D. and Heinrich, B. and Girt, E.
    Origin of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Co/Ni multilayers
    Physical Review B
    2017 - 96 2 
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  • Tröster, A., Ehsan K., Belbase K., Blaha P., Kreisel J. and Schranz W.
    Finite-strain Landau theory applied to the high-pressure phase transition of lead titanate
    Physical Review B
    2017 - 97 6 
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  • Suess, D. and Vogler, C. and Bruckner, F. and Sepehri-Amin, H. and Abert, C.
    Significant reduction of critical currents in MRAM designs using dual free layer with perpendicular and in-plane anisotropy
    Applied Physics Letters
    2017 - 110 25 
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  • Vogler C., Abert C., Bruckner F. and Suess D.
    Efficiently reducing transition curvature in heat-assisted magnetic recording with state-of-the-art write heads
    Applied Physics Letters
    2017 - 110 18 182406
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  • Ellabban M. A., Glavan, G. Klepp J. and Fally M.
    A Comprehensive Study of Photorefractive Properties in Poly(ethylene glycol) Dimethacrylate— Ionic Liquid Composites
    2017 - 10 1 9
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  • Soprunyuk V., Puchberger S., Tröster A., Vives E., Salje E.K.H. and Schranz W.
    Strain intermittency due to avalanches in ferroelastic and porous materials
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
    2017 - 29 22 
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  • M Ličen and I Drevenšek-Olenik and L Čoga and S Gyergyek and S Kralj and M Fally and C Pruner and P Geltenbort and U Gasser, G Nagy and J Klepp
    Neutron diffraction from superparamagnetic colloidal crystals
    J. Phys. Chem. Solids
    2017 - 110  234-240
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  • Ji, Zhichao and Zhang, Xinzheng and Zhang, Yujiao and Wang, Zhenhua and Drevensek-Olenik, Irena and Rupp, Romano and Li, Wei and Wu, Qiang and Xu, Jingjun
    Electrically tunable generation of vectorial vortex beams with micro-patterned liquid crystal structures
    Chinese Optics Letters
    2017 - 15 7 
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