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Publications 2015

  • Szakál, A. and Markó, M. and Krexner, G. and Cser, L.
    Application of neutron holography to polycrystalline samples
    2015 - 111 2 
    [Abstract] [BibTeX] [doi]
  • Schranz, W.
    Tweed, Twins and Holes: A link between mineralogy and materials science
    American Mineralogist
    2015 - 100  671
    [Abstract] [BibTeX] [doi]
  • Klepp, J and Fally, M and Ličen, M and Pruner, C and Geltenbort, P
    VCN-SANS measurement of magnetic colloidal crystals

    2015Grenoble, France
    [Abstract] [BibTeX] [www]
  • Klepp, J and Fally, M and Pruner, C and Tomita, Y and Geltenbort, P
    Wavelength multiplexing for very cold neutrons in a double holographic-grating spectrometer

    2015Grenoble, France
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