Topology optimized and 3D printed polymer-bonded permanent magnets for a predefined external field

Authors/others:Huber, Christian; Abert, C.; Bruckner, F.; Pfaff, C.; Kriwet, J.; Groenefeld, M. (Magnetfabrik Bonn GmbH); Teliban, I. (Magnetfabrik Bonn GmbH); Vogler, C.; Suess, Dieter
Abstract:Topology optimization offers great opportunities to design permanent magnetic systems that have specific external field characteristics. Additive manufacturing of polymer-bonded magnets with an end-user 3D printer can be used to manufacture permanent magnets with structures that had been difficult or impossible to manufacture previously. This work combines these two powerful methods to design and manufacture permanent magnetic systems with specific properties. The topology optimization framework is simple, fast, and accurate. It can also be used for the reverse engineering of permanent magnets in order to find the topology from field measurements. Furthermore, a magnetic system that generates a linear external field above the magnet is presented. With a volume constraint, the amount of magnetic material can be minimized without losing performance. Simulations and measurements of the printed systems show very good agreement.
Number of pages:7
Date of publication:7.8.2017
Journal title:Journal of Applied Physics
Peer reviewed:true
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Publication Type:Article