On the behaviour of supercooled liquids and polymers in nano-confinement

Authors/others:Soprunyuk, V.; Reinecker, M.; Schranz, W.
Abstract:Size effects play an important role in structural phase transitions, melting transitions, in martensitic materials, glass transitions, etc. Very often the question arises, whether a measured size effect originates from the geometrical confinement itself, or if it appears due to the interaction with the limiting surface. Using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) technique we have studied various microphase segregated polymers, molecular glass forming liquids and supercooled water confined in nanoporous silica as well as in biological tissues. Here we show on some selected examples that DMA measurements can be used to study relaxation processes in detail and to disentangle in favourable cases pure pore size effects from effects that are induced by the confining surface.
Number of pages:13
Date of publication:2016
Journal title:Phase Transitions: a multinational journal
Peer reviewed:true
Digital Object Identifier (DOI):http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/01411594.2016.1195910
Publication Type:Article