Strain intermittency due to avalanches in ferroelastic and porous materials

Authors/others:Soprunyuk, V.; Puchberger, S.; Tröster, A. (Technische Universität Wien); Vives, Eduard (Universitat de Barcelona); Salje, Ekhard K H (University of Cambridge); Schranz, W.

The avalanche statistics in porous materials and ferroelastic domain wall systems has been studied for slowly increasing compressive uniaxial stress with stress rates between 0.2 and 17 kPa s-1. Velocity peaks are calculated from the measured strain drops and used to determine the corresponding Energy distributions. Power law distributions have been obtained over 4-6 decades. For most of the porous materials and domain wall systems an exponent was obtained in good agreement with mean-field theory of the interface pinning transition. For charcoal, shale and calcareous schist we found significant deviations of the exponents from mean-field values in agreement with recent acoustic emission experiments.

Date of publication:3.5.2017
Journal title:Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
Peer reviewed:true
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Publication Type:Article