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Dieter Süß and his group join Physics of Functional Materials

Welcome to the University of Vienna! Dieter Süß, who accepted a tenured position at the Faculty of Physics, and his group of 13 colleagues are joining Physics of Functional Materials.

Priv. Doz. Dr. Süß obtained his PhD. at the Technical University of Vienna in 2002 and his Habilitation in "Computational Material Science" in 2007. He is founder and CEO of a company and since 2014 head of a Christian Doppler Laboratory on “Advanced Magnetic Sensing and Materials".

His major current research areas of interest are:

  • Novel high density magnetic recording
  • Magnetism at finite temperatures
  • Combining the micromagnetic equation simultaneously with the drift diffusion equation
  • Sensor designs with ultra low noise

The future research objectives are:

  • To develop flexible and highly optimized continuum models, that allow for the design of smart functional materials.
  • Large scale simulation of magnetic structures using advanced parallel programming techniques such as GPU computing.
  • Bridging the length scale from electronic structure calculation to continuum models.
  • Including finite temperature in micromagnetic and spintronic models.
  • Use computational material science to develop rare earth reduced magnets.

Dr. Süß published more than 150 peer reviewed papers in high impact journals such as Appl. Phys. Lett., Phys. Rev. Lett., Sci. Rep., holds more than 15 patents and is giving a number of invited talks at conferences. He has been very active in acquiring funding (Christian-Doppler Lab, WWTF, FWF SFB, FWF stand alone, FWF DACH, industry) with his third-party funded group currently consisting of 13 researchers.

Moreover, he also is contributing to teaching by giving courses in major subjects such as "Grundlagen der Physik" or "Computational Physics" as well as seminars.





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